KeyPhonics For Tutors

If you are a tutor, consultant, or  private practice KeyPhonics is a great phonics tool for you! 

  • KeyPhonics can be used in-person or remotely in the exact same way making it easy to use no matter where your student(s) are.

  • Administering KeyPhonics is simple with a laptop, iPad, or Chromebook. The student can use any of these devices, or even a smart phone.

  • The student bar graph report shows you exactly where the student is struggling. This makes your time with the student more effective and efficient.

  • The cumulative diagnostic report monitors your student’s progress on the different phonics skills that you are focusing on.

  • These reports can easily be printed or shared with the student’s parents and teachers.

For more information on how KeyPhonics can help you or your business please contact us at

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