Technical Specifications

Product and technical specifications outline the systemic and functional needs to meet for the product to achieve the desired features and functionalities.

KeyPhonics is available in the App Store for iOS (iPad Only) and ChromeOS computers.


Platforms the app is available on include:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. ChromeOS
  4. Windows

Operating system versions that should support it: 

1. ChromeOS

  • Chrome browser version 66 and up

2. iOS

  • iOS version 10.3 and up

Do you have current Apple, Google, or other developer accounts/credentials?

KeyPhonics requires an email address and password to access the app.

Are there other credentials that are needed or already exist (analytics systems or platforms)?

KeyPhonics is available for several role types including grade level teachers, reading specialists, school administrators and district administrators.

Do you have current API/services documentation?

Reading Research is taking a best of industry approach to offering and API.

KeyPhonics iOS version runs on the Apple iPad.  We support all versions of the iPad that can support iOS 10.3 and above.

The iPad must have a working rear camera.

The QR Code is used to connect via Bluetooth to the Student iPad. The teacher controls the student device remotely once the iPad uses the camera to scan the QR Code
The Teacher uses the rear camera on the Student iPad to scan the QR Code. It takes approxmiately 1 second to connect.