We know when purchasing a new program there is always that fear that the product won’t bring you the value you had hoped for and it will “end up in the closet”. We realize that it is hard to understand and be confident in the value KeyPhonics data will bring without being able to integrate it into your reading program. Because of this and the confidence we have in the value KeyPhonics brings, we are offering it risk free for 100 days. If within the first 100 days of using KeyPhonics you are not 100% satisfied, contact us and we will refund 100% of your subscription to KeyPhonics.

As a literacy specialist from Clark County NV said, “The ability to see data so quickly by both class and grade level is proving to be invaluable”.

Current Offers

  1. Receive 10% off your KeyPhonics license fees when you register for the initial training with CORE.

    CORE, our professional learning partner, offers three different trainings to support KeyPhonics. If you register for the initial training, you will receive 10% off your license fees. Go to https://www.corelearn.com/keyphonics-contact-request/ to register for training. Once registered, simply mention you are doing this training when inquiring about pricing or a quote to have this discount applied!

  2. Receive KeyPhonics free for the remainder of this school year with the purchase of licenses for next school year.

    When you purchase licenses for next school year (7/1/21 through 6/30/22) you will receive the same number of licenses free for the remainder of this school year, ending 6/30/21!