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KeyPhonics Classroom Edition

The Classroom Edition of KeyPhonics is the perfect way for a single user to experience how fast and easy it is to administer, and the power of the instant, actionable data provided by KeyPhonics reports. This valuable information is not available with a paper and pencil screener! With reports at the student and class level, users can target exactly where their students are struggling in phonics. With the full version of KeyPhonics, you also have access to grade level reports and specialists are able to support grade level teachers by helping to screen students and/or give diagnostic assessments. See below for more information on the full version of KeyPhonics.

With a number phonics curriculums to choose from, users can pick the phonics scope and sequence that best aligns with their reading curriculums. KeyPhonics is iKeepSafe certified in COPPA, FERPA, and CSPC for data privacy and security. However, you do not need to enter student information/names if you do not want to. You can enter names like, “Student 1” or “John S”. Registration is quick and easy, and takes as little as 5 minutes. Training is fast, and is handled through easy to follow videos and instructions. Create an account, enter students, and experience the future of phonics testing in minutes.

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KeyPhonics Full Version

The full version of KeyPhonics takes the power of the Classroom Edition and expands it across your school or district. It empowers teachers, specialists, and administrators with instant and actionable data. With reports at the student, class, and grade level, your school and district will experience the full power of KeyPhonics.

With the option to customize the scope and sequence, schools and districts can align their KeyPhonics reports with their reading curriculums. Specialists and administrators can access all students and reports, making it easy to support grade level teachers. Onboarding is quick and easy, and is handled by the KeyPhonics team or through roster integrations with Clever. Training is fast, and is handled through easy to follow videos and instructions. Mastering your phonics testing has never been easier!

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KeyPhonics Paper and Pencil Screener

The KeyPhonics Paper and Pencil Screener includes one scoring sheet with directions and a student sheet with a complete set of words. The KeyPhonics Paper and Pencil screener is a good option for single student use. However, for diagnostic testing and for screening more than one student, the Classroom Edition or full version of KeyPhonics will be faster and provide more valuable information with the instant data reports.

Paper and Pencil Screener
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