KeyPhonics Pilot Program

The pilot program provides you full access to the KeyPhonics application for 45 days. This is a great way to experience the full power of KeyPhonics to determine if it meets your needs!

Key Features

Remote or In-Person

Screener: Beginning of Year, Middle of Year, End of Year, and Off-Cycle Screeners that all cover 12 specific phonics categories

Diagnostic tests: for all 12 phonics categories

Scope and Sequence: Choose between 5 common scope and sequences, including Common Core

Up to 3 Classes

Reports: Grade, Class, & Student Reports to Instantly View and Download


Chromebooks or iPads: Chrome browser version 66 and up, iOS version 10.3 and up

Student List: Up to 3 Classes

With this program you will understand the value of KeyPhonics:
  1. Fast and easy to use
  2. Comprehensive
  3. Two assessments in one
  4. Instant reports
  5. Linked to instruction


Before committing to the program you will get a small group introduction/ training for up to 6 people. This one hour training will cover:

  • Introduction of KeyPhonics
  • Why it is important to screen everyone
  • How to give a screener
  • Review of screener reports
  • How to give a diagnostic
  • Review of diagnostic reports
  • Brief demonstration

After the introduction/ training, to enroll in the Pilot Program there is a one time fee of $350. After the trial, you have up to 60 days to apply the $350 towards the purchase of KeyPhonics. To sign up for the Pilot Program please submit the below form.

The Pilot and Free Trial programs are limited time offers and may be changed or canceled prior to registration. For questions please contact us at