KeyPhonics Overview

We recommend screening all students in elementary (typically grades 1 – 6). Beyond elementary, we recommend screening those students who continue to struggle, based on current and previous reading data.

Screener and Diagnostic

12 Patterns Covered

  • CVC
  • CVCC
  • R-Controlled
  • CVCe
  • Vowel Team
  • Digraphs
  • Blends
  • Prefixes
  • Short Vowel with Suffix
  • Long Vowel with Suffix
  • Contractions


  • 2-3 minutes to administer, in-person or remote.
  • Covers the 12 phonics patterns with 3 words from each.
  • Identifies which patterns a student, class, and grade is struggling with.


  • 2-5 minutes to administer, in-person or remote.
  • 1 diagnostic assessment for each pattern.
  • Determines which specific phonics skills within a particular pattern, that the student is struggling with.

Technology - Based


  • Select an existing scope and sequence.
  • OR match the scope and sequence with a reading curriculum that follows a consistent teaching progression of phonics skills at each grade level.

Instant Reports

  • At student, class, and grade level.
  • Monitor student progress over time.
  • Eliminate the need for data entry after scoring.

Linked to Instruction

  • Scored at the error level.
  • Help determine where to intervene and what to teach at student, class, and grade levels.