KeyPhonics – 30 Day Free Trial

The Free Trial provides you a limited version of KeyPhonics' full capabilities

The free trial allows you to use the screener and a select number of the diagnostic tests. It also provides you with reports to assist in making instructional decisions. The free trial can be used with up to 30 of your actual students or anyone that you wish, it does not have to be actual students. You can even trial it by yourself!

For free trial specifications, please see chart below

Key Features

Remote or In-Person

Screener: 12 specific phonics categories

Diagnostic tests: for CVC, CVCe, and Contractions

Up to 30 Students

Reports: Grade & Student Reports, Instantly View and Download


Chromebooks or iPads: Chrome browser version 66 and up, iOS version 10.3 and up

Student List: Up to 30 students

With the free trial you will understand the value of KeyPhonics:
  1. Fast and easy to use
  2. Comprehensive
  3. Two assessments in one
  4. Instant reports
  5. Linked to instruction
Click Here for Free Trial Testing Instructions


You will be asked to enter the first name and last initial of the kids you want to test (no more than 30) when registering for the Free Trial. If you do not have a student(s) that you wish to use for the Free Trial, you can enter the name(s) of anyone you want. You can trial the program with a friend, colleague, family member or even by yourself!

The system will email your user login email and password to you once you enter your data. Please be sure to check both your spam folder and inbox.

The Pilot and Free Trial programs are limited time offers and may be changed or canceled prior to registration. For questions please contact us at