KeyPhonics is pleased to offer our free paper and pencil screener. It provides helpful information for screening individual students or small groups, while also being fast and easy to administer and score.

Choosing the right phonics assessment that helps guide instruction is critical to the success of your reading program. Watch this webinar to hear Dr. Michelle Hosp and Dr. Louisa Moats discuss how to pick the right phonics assessment and how to use the data to guide instruction.

Download the Phonics Assessment Checklist
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The KeyPhonics online version is based off years of research and is designed to be faster and more efficient than any paper and pencil assessment. It can be used in-person or remotely and provides detailed data with automatic reports at the student, class and grade levels with no data entry required. The information is provided in easy to read reports helping you determine Where to Intervene & What to Teach. This information is essential for a robust reading program.

Learn more about the online version today and see why teachers are saying KeyPhonics is the best phonics screener and diagnostic assessment available.

KeyPhonics Free Paper & Pencil phonics screener includes:

  • 1 Score sheet, complete with directions
  • 1 Student sheet, complete set of words
  • Comprehensive assessment including 12 phonics skills:
    • CVC (cat)
    • CVCC (pact)
    • R-Controlled (her)
    • CVCe (note)
    • Vowel Team (coat)
    • Digraphs (ship)
    • Blends (flap)
    • CVCCVC (catnip)
    • Prefixes (unfair)
    • Short Vowel with Suffix (badly)
    • Long Vowel with Suffix (motion)
    • Contractions (can’t)

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