To display the FERPA Certification

About the iKeepSafe FERPA Certification

KeyPhonics hold the certification for the The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA is a federal law that applies to all schools that receive funds from the US Department of Education. It protects the privacy of student education records, and allows parents and eligible students certain rights related to review, control and privacy of those records. The iKeepSafe FERPA Certification demonstrates compliance with the federal mandates as well as iKeepSafe’s rigorous guidelines through the published Product Profile. School leaders look for educational technology that can be used in compliance with FERPA, applicable state laws, and local policies.

Benefits of Earning the iKeepSafe FERPA Certification

  1. Having the iKeepSafe FERPA certification ensures schools that they can rely on our product to adequately safeguard the privacy of student data.
  2. The comprehensive Product Profile gives schools the information they need to easily determine whether a product meets its own compliance thresholds around FERPA, state laws, school policies, and community norms.