Our Mission

KeyPhonics works to provide the fastest, easiest, and most comprehensive technology-based phonics assessments to help all students master foundational reading skills. Through collaboration with our professional learning partners, our goal is to see that every student is reading at or above grade level.

The Team

Thomas E. Miller


Tom has 25+ years in high growth business in the marketing, product development and business development area. Tom has developed sales and marketing organizations from the ground up in North and South America that have been listed in Investors Business Daily as “Best in industry”. He oversaw the development of “The learning center” for a highly successful Healthcare company to educate internal and external customers. He holds multiple patents in the areas of patient interface and messaging systems.

Image of Dr. Michelle Hosp

Dr. Michelle K. Hosp

Scientific Adviser

Michelle has over 25 years experience working in education. She has worked directly with students, educators, families, and researchers as a school psychologist, professor, and Director of the Iowa Reading Research Center, with a focus on helping students with reading difficulties. Michelle holds a Ph.D in Education and Human Development from Vanderbilt University and has a research background in reading, assessment, and data-based decision making within RtI/MTSS.

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Michael L. McCarthy

Chief Technology Officer

Mike has 25+ years of experience in developing information technology and web application tools. Much of that experience has been in leadership roles at small, service-oriented companies interested in taking technology services to the next level. He has a successful track record of managing teams and finding long-term, innovative solutions for clients. Mike brings to Reading Research Associates (RRA) an understanding of technologies that underlie learning management systems, education platforms and the increasing level of technology in the education market.

Kelly C. Patrick, Ph.D.

Program Adviser

Kelly is an Intervention Specialist and Research Associate at the University of Utah Reading Clinic. She has worked directly with general and special educators and students in the classroom as well as in intervention settings to prevent and remediate reading difficulties. Kelly has collaborated in the development of various research-based literacy related curricula for both remote and in-person instruction, including as co-primary investigator of an IES study related to the development of morphology curriculum designed to support the academic vocabulary development of English Learners.

Kelly holds a Ph.D. in Special Education from University of Utah and has research and publications relate to spelling, reading, and vocabulary. She is the Associate Director for the University of Utah Reading Clinic, and the program advisor for KeyPhonics assessment and intervention products.