KeyPhonics is a technology-based screener and diagnostic test for Grades 1 and up. 

It measures the 12 most critical phonics patterns including 102 foundational phonics skills with automatic reports to determine Where to Intervene & What to Teach, at student, class, & grade levels.

KeyPhonics can be used

in-person or REMOTELY!

Louisa Moats, Ed.D. – Harvard. Author, Literacy Expert, Consultant, Licensed Psychologist

I recommend KeyPhonics, which is based on years of research, because it is the best phonics screener and diagnostic assessment available. It provides valuable information about phonics skills essential for instruction, especially for those students struggling to read words, including students with Dyslexia.”

See just how quick and easy it is!

KeyPhonics Testing Screens

—— Teacher Screen ——

—— Student Screen ——

KeyPhonics Supports all Devices

Chromebook: KeyPhonics Screener and Diagnostics testing has been configured to run seamlessly on any Chromebook device.  

A teacher can conduct the testing from anywhere in the world.  This is very crucial in this pandemic time.

iPad: To make it simple for  school districts, an iPad can also be used either in the classroom or remotely. A 6 digit code is all it takes to connect two iPads.

Smart Phone: For remote testing, students can use KeyPhonics on any smart phone device. All the teacher needs to do is send them a link to the application and a 6 digit code. Once the code is entered, the student’s phone is paired to the teacher’s device. The teacher now controls the words that the student sees on their phone. This makes remote testing very quick and easy.

Get ready to start changing kids’ lives!