KeyPhonics is Your Solution to Phonics Testing

Phonics Testing Designed to Inform Instruction

The KeyPhonics technology-based phonics assessment is fast, easy, and provides automatic data at the student, class, and grade level. This is something other assessments are not designed to do. It can even be matched to the way YOUR curriculum teaches phonics.

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Diagnose & Monitor Progress

KeyPhonics is the perfect assessment to diagnose those students identified as at-risk on your universal screener.

Covering the 12 most critical phonics patterns, KeyPhonics will identify which phonics patterns your students are struggling with.

With the cumulative diagnostic report, you can easily monitor progress your students are making on the phonic pattern(s) you are working on.

Screen all Students

In addition to diagnosing and monitoring progress, you can get even more information from KeyPhonics by screening all students.

With reports at the grade and class level, screening all students enables teachers and administrators to see how all students are doing on their phonic skills.

This information can help teachers become more efficient in teaching phonics, while administrators can use the information to help support staff and students in need of additional resources. 

I recommend KeyPhonics, which is based on years of research, because it is the best phonics screener and diagnostic assessment available. It provides valuable information about phonics skills essential for instruction, especially for those students struggling to read words, including students with dyslexia.

Louisa MoatsEd.D. - Harvard. Author, Literacy Expert, Consultant, Licensed Psychologist

The ability to see data so quickly by both class and grade level is proving to be invaluable.

Kelley NormanLiteracy Specialist, Clark County School District

The KeyPhonics online assessment helped our teachers quickly pinpoint the areas of weaknesses in phonics for their students. The easy to administer benchmark screener and diagnostic assessments are valuable tools for elementary teachers. The resulting data presented in high quality reports assisted teachers in their decision making for their small group instruction in foundational literacy skills.

Amy ArnistaElementary Curriculum Supervisor, Middletown Public Schools

How to Select the Perfect Phonics Assessment

Fill out the form below to download the Pivot Learning checklist for selecting a phonics assessment. There is one phonics assessment that checks every box, KeyPhonics!